K I R S T Y  M A C R A E  C E R A M I C S

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A:   Unit D Cypress House 

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Wood Green

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The ceramic sculptures of Kirsty Macrae are an exploration of gesture, form and colour.  Her work draws inspiration from the heritage of eighteenth century English slipware pottery, using it as a starting point to create her own contemporary ceramic sculptures.


Kirsty's ceramic sculptures are strongly influenced by her background as a painter. She creates work that playfully imagines clay as the canvas, both in form and surface.  She employs traditional pottery decorative techniques alongside mark-making usually associated with abstract expressionist painting to create a lush, layered surfaces.

Kirsty Macrae graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2009 with a BA(Hons) in Painting & Printmaking. She currently lives and works in London.


Drawing is fundamental to Kirsty Macrae's creative process and her sketches play a major role in developing new work.   Her work is hand-built, using coils of red earthenware clay to recreate these drawings.   The unfired clay is then decorated using a palette of handmade slips (liquid clay) and often incised using a sharp tool.  

The form is then slowly dried over the course of several weeks before being bisque fired.  A range of glazes and oxide washes are then then applied and the form is fired to 1100 degrees.