New work exclusive to The Stratford Gallery

I am delighted to be stocking a selection of my work at The Stratford Gallery in Stratford upon Avon. They have an incredible selection of contemporary ceramics from some of the best potters working today, and some beautiful paintings and sculptures too.

Amongst my work on show, there are some brand new pieces which I am excited to be sharing for the first time. Over the last few months I have dedicated a lot of time exploring smaller forms and curved surfaces. Unusually maybe, I am artist who naturally likes working on a large scale, and I find that scaling down can provide real discipline and focus to my coiling in particular. Mostly, my work starts out as sketches, which form the foundations of my work. People can often be surprised to find out that I make my work using coils rather than slabs, however making this way allows me to translate my drawings with complete precision. It is a slow, but incredibly meditative and rewarding process.

My new work couples some simple, distinct action painting techniques coupled with other areas of the surface where I really wanted the warmth and beauty of the raw terracotta clay shine through. Also featuring GOLD! I am really pleased with some of the results, which can you find here.

New work 2018
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